On Belay: Community through Adventure

Join a community of kids who know what it’s like when someone you love has cancer. Get a day full of happy. Doing things you’ve never done, in places you’ve never been, with new friends you’ll never forget.

What is On Belay?

Learn about On Belay from the folks directly involved. Our programs are free for participants thanks to generous community support.

Join us at Rippleffect!

Are you up for a day of fun on an island? Come and make some new friends who understand what it's like when you love someone living with cancer. At On Belay, we don't talk about cancer. Our focus is on taking the day off and just doing the things that re-charge our batteries. We will build rafts, kayak, zipline, and climb. Click on the register now button above and make it happen!


When a big illness hits a family the kids are affected so much and for some reason there is such little support for them. There is so much focus on the family crisis sometimes the kids are left on their own. On-Belay puts the focus right on the kids. I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing for so many kids that would not have the opportunity otherwise.

BIG thanks to On Belay for another wonderful evening! What you do for children is truly special. My girls are better people for having had these experiences with you. We are truly grateful for On-Belay, and the amazing programs you provide!

Coop and Sadie had such a fantastic time on Saturday. I couldn’t believe how their energy and enthusiasm carried with them all weekend. It was more powerful than I thought and considering what they’re going through right now, it was really amazing to experience. Thank you for that!