UNH Students

“Knowing that I helped these children get through a tough time in their life means a great deal to me. It is inspiring to see a group of children becoming stronger and happier individuals.”

-Cassie, UNH Volunteer

On Belay program volunteers play a very important role in helping programs run smoothly and in building a real sense of community for participants. Since the beginning, On Belay has had a partnership with multiple residence halls at the University of New Hampshire (UNH).  These UNH students provide support for On Belay both during and between programs during the school year.  During programs, they serve as a critical link between participants and the adult facilitators.  The combination of  youth, vitality, resilience, energy, and compassion that these students bring to On Belay is reflected in the smiling faces of the children they serve.

 “I think I had as much fun as the kids if not more! I can’t wait to come back next time.”

-UNH Volunteer

The UNH volunteers not only help out at our programs but also assist with various events during the school year. Of of those events is our Annual Gingerbread House Contest every December which helps to raise money for On Belay.

The kids are funny, caring and incredibly resilient individuals. They bring me joy and spread that to everyone they encounter. I always walk away from a program having gained new energy and memories.

-Allie, UNH Volunteer

Are you a UNH Student and interested in volunteering? Here is what to do next. Contact Joey Hitchcock, UNH Hall Director, at Joseph.Hitchcock@unh.edu and let him know you are interested in volunteering for OnBelay. Its as easy as that! We can’t wait to see you at a program.