As parents we are all doing our level best to keep life normal for our kids; to protect in every way we know how, their childhood and the joys that should go with it. At On Belay we’re working on being a resource and support to each other to make sure our lives that can be consumed by a diagnosis are also filled with joy and the community of friends.

On Belay Parent Group

At each On Belay program, parents gather informally to meet and connect with each other. All parents are invited and welcome. It’s loosely structured and takes the shape of the group who gathers. It’s a chance to ask questions, to connect to other parents who get what you are going through, and to support the community built at program. This group is also on Facebook.

Contact an On Belay Parent

Email and we will connect you with another On Belay parent who can give you good feedback on their On Belay experiences.

Community Resources

Amy’s Treat – Works with Wentworth Douglass Hospital to enrich the journey of those living with cancer.

My Breast Cancer Support – provides tangible, practical and emotional support to breast cancer patients throughout the Greater Seacoast NH/ME area.

The Center for Grieving Children - provides loving support that encourages the safe expression of grief and loss and fosters each individual’s resilience and emotional well-being.

Camp Kesem - Camp Kesem is a nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, supporting children through and beyond their parent’s cancer.

YWCA Encore – Free 8 week program for women who have experienced breast cancer.

Lucy's Love Bus - Improves the quality of life for children with cancer or other lift threatening illnesses with integrative therapies such as massage, meditation, acupuncture, music therapy, and therapeutic horseback riding. Integrative therapies ease children's pain and anxiety during and after traditional medical procedures.

TASC - (Transportation Assistance for Seacoast Citizens) TASC provides transportation at no charge through volunteer drivers for persons who need transportation to appointments.

Retts Roost - A peaceful, supportive place for families that have experienced childhood cancer or child loss. Retts Roost provides weekend retreats that focus on mindful healing of trauma & grief through therapeutic and community support. It is a sanctuary for families affected by childhood cancer or child loss offering a community of loving-kindness and supportive activities in a peaceful, natural setting to ease their experience with trauma and grief.

North of Boston Cancer Resource Integrative Care and Support - This comprehensive online guide provides easier access to complementary therapies and programs, specifically designed to help people with cancer survive through diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

Tough Warrior Princesses - The Tough Warrior Princesses provide support, comfort, love and resources to women affected by cancer. Based in Amesbury, MA, they serve the north shore of Boston and southern New Hampshire. They provide survivor Baskets and host monthly Warrior chats for survivors and their caregivers as a way to connect and get support.

Betty J Borry Breast Cancer Adventure Retreats - Provide adventure-based opportunities for women living after breast cancer. participants challenge themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually finding understanding and support. They use challenge by choice activities such as ropes courses, kayaking, snowshoeing, hiking, expressive and healing arts to create a supportive, inclusive, invigorating environment. Women gain confidence, make new friends, and discover their own place of sanctuary in the outdoors.

Yoga Hope - Monthly workshops where you explore positive changes you can make in your life after a cancer diagnosis.

Dempsey Center - The Dempsey Center, located in Lewiston and South Portland ME, makes life better for people managing the impact of cancer. Services are provided at no cost.

Cape Wellness Collaborative - The Cape Wellness Collaborative (CWC) provides fre of charge integrative and complementary therapies to people facing cancer in the Cape Cod area

Cleaning for a Reason - Gives the gift of free house cleaning for women undergoing treatment for any type of cancer.

Annies Helping Hands - Offers 6 months of massage, reiki and meditation therapies for up to 6 months. Open to residents of Rockingham and Strafford counties who are currently receiving treatments.

Womenaid - Portsmouth. Provides short term financial assistance to neighbors in need when they have nowhere else to turn.

Aimee Nicole Esthetics - Aimee offers one free soothing facial, with doctor's release, for anyone going through cancer treatment.

The Children's Room - The Children’s Room creates safe, supportive communities so that no child, teen, or family has to grieve alone. For families who have experienced the loss of a loved one.


Do you have others that you’ve found helpful? E-mail to enhance this list.