Interested in volunteering with On Belay?

We would love to have you and thank you for your interest in being a part of this organization!  From volunteering at a Youth Program to Fundraising, there are many ways to get involved.  Check out all the ways you can volunteer with On Belay.

After you read through the opportunities available, fill out the application below to let us know your interest and availability. Once your application is received, you will be contacted by an On Belay staff member to talk about getting you involved!

For those interested in volunteering at a youth program, please plan to attend one of our volunteer training session. Check this space for additional training dates as well.

  • Thanks for all who attended our last training! Additional training provided as needed.

Volunteer Application

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  • Please summarize any previous volunteer experience. Particularly those that involved working with youth, adventure-based learning, events, fundraising, or marketing.
  • Please summarize any skills and experience you have that may benefit On Belay in delivering quality youth programs or supporting those efforts.
  • On Belay Expectations: (What you can expect of us) 1. Provide super awesome training that adequately prepares all volunteers to be successful. 2. Treat all volunteers in a respectful way that makes them feel welcome in the On Belay community. 3. Be supportive and helpful to all volunteers to assist them in completing any assigned tasks. 4. Continually show gratitude for all the hard work volunteers put in because they are wonderful in every way! (You are, seriously!) Volunteer Expectations: (What we will expect of you) 1. To attend all of On Belay's super awesome trainings. 2. Be present at all programs, events, or assignments you have committed too. If you must cancel or rearrange your commitment you will provide a notice at a reasonable time. 3. Be a positive steward for On Belay. 4. Bring all your enthusiasm, personality, and skills to all assigned tasks to ensure the On Belay community and program gets to benefit from how awesome you are. 5. Abide by all On Belay policies and procedures. 6. Rely on the leadership and guidance of the On Belay staff to supervise the team in successfully reaching our mission together. 7. Keep yourself and those around you safe. 8. Have lots of fun! Provide your time, talent, and treasure to On Belay as a donation and agree that you are not entitled to any salary or wage, but instead by compensated in smiles, happy children, support in your future endeavors, and thousands of thank you comments.