Caution Gingerbread Construction – Saturday, December 10th

Caution: Gingerbread Construction. This isn’t your typical fundraising event. Yes, the event is an opportunity to generate critical scholarship funds to support programming for children who have a parent with or have lost a parent to cancer. But this is also an opportunity to bring together the various groups of people who make On Belay a vibrant, thriving community.

Last year over 300 people from northern New England joined the organization for this event. Attendees ranged in age from 2 to 80 years old. This group of confectionary architects included On Belay alumni, cancer survivors, University of New Hampshire volunteers, doctors, donors, program facilitators, and other members of the Seacoast community.

For this special afternoon all of these people rolled up their sleeves and put aside whatever other priorities they had or challenges they faced to build Gingerbread houses, and, more importantly, community.

This event was conceived by a group of On Belay program volunteers from the University of New Hampshire in the winter of 2009. The two girls who spearheaded the first event saw it as a way they could provide a little holiday magic for the community and for On Belay.

The buzz from last year’s event was so widespread it attracted local philanthropist and gingerbread house legend Trudy Brown to judge the event. The event also prompted coverage from Foster’s Daily Democrat newspaper:

All of the funds raised from “Caution: Gingerbread Construction” will go directly to provide programming to children in need and the relationships cultivated by this event will ensure the future financial and governance leadership of the organization.

On Belay programs serve over 150 families from 41 towns throughout New England, On Belay creates community for children affected by a parent’s cancer diagnosis, and the Gingerbread event helps expand that community with participants and volunteers from around the Seacoast and beyond.

Special thanks to the following businesses for this support this year:

Newmarket International

The Walmart Foundation