Success of On Belay Family Day Program exceeds expectations!

On Belay’s board president recaped the first ever On Belay Family Day program for another board member who was unable to be there. The program was sponsored by The Boston Bruins Foundation and took place at YMCA Camp Lincoln on Saturday, October 2nd. Ruth’s words say it all, the program was magical. Thank you to volunteers, families, facilitators, The Bruins Foundation, the On Belay board and everyone who made the day so special.

Here is what Ruth had to say:

Saturday was truly amazing, a magical day for On Belay!  It was an over the top program in so many ways.  We had beautiful weather and a day like that at camp Lincoln sets the tone in the best of ways.  Seeing the adults participate with each other and then join the kids on the high ropes was very moving.  From what I could tell the adults were having a fantastic time.  Our new board member Whitney joined the adult group and raved about what transpired in their conversations and their laughter.  Morgan (our new Program Associate) brought some great touches to On Belay with a nature scavenger hunt after lunch and a special buddy closure activity where kids were observing someone else throughout the day and shared some kind thoughts about the person at the end of the day.  Honestly there were many beautiful moments throughout the day that I observed. There were several times when I thought about Crescentia and how thrilled she would have been to see the day unfold as it did.

Hope to see you On Belay at our next program!

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Date: Friday, January 21, 2010    5pm to 8pm

Location: The Indoor Ascent Rock Gym     Dover, NH