Thank You for Keeping Kids On Belay

I am writing this post before our new site goes live. It is so exciting to watch On Belay mature, refine organizational practices, serve more and more families, and develop efficiencies. The advances made in the last year including the development of this brand new site would not have been possible without the heroic support of individuals, businesses, foundations and corporations who are now part of the On Belay family. When this site goes live I wanted to be sure everyone who visits knows these are the people who make this program possible. Please frequent their businesses, stop them in the street or say thank you quietly in your own way. There are more individuals who support our program then I can list so thank you to each and every person who has given their time, professional talent or financial treasure to support our growing program and to the following foundations and businesses our gratitude as well.

Flatbread – Portsmouth, NH
Annie’s Angels
Durham-Great Bay Rotary
Irving Oil
Newmarket International
Paxworld Mutual Funds
St. Thomas More
YMCA Camp Lincoln
The Browne Center at UNH
Cogswell Benevolent Fund
The Riverworks Tavern
The Black Trumpet
Proulx Oil and Propane
Newmarket Firefighters Association
Market Basket